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Sustainable connectivity: More than economic cooperation 25 June 2022
What does 100-year-old Makerere reveal about culture? 23 June 2022
How a ‘powerful collaboration’ saved lives during COVID 17 June 2022
German universities host HE entrance tests for refugees 15 June 2022
Russia steps up number of state-funded university places 10 June 2022
Initiative helps universities and communities to advance SDGs 4 June 2022
Law deans refuse to be used in ‘political showdown’ 4 June 2022
How to ensure that blended teaching caters for all students 28 May 2022
University funding cut by 20%, focus now shifts to TVET 26 May 2022
A sustainable higher education funding model is a priority 21 May 2022
Expanded impact rankings reflect rising interest in SDGs 30 April 2022
Russian universities rapidly losing cooperation with West 29 April 2022
US universities lead in 28 of 51 subjects ranked by QS 16 April 2022
Partnership targets interventions aimed at quality education 14 April 2022
Geographical bias is a tiny piece of the publishing story 9 April 2022
Performance-based funding: What options for universities? 26 March 2022
Science councils will benefit from more ‘science on science’ 17 March 2022
Higher Education Loans Board hit by repayment defaults 17 March 2022
Universities can do better in democratising their research 12 March 2022
Former student leader inaugurated as Chile’s president 11 March 2022
Minister demands exclusion of Russia from Bologna Process 5 March 2022
Universities face crisis of isolation, scientists warn 5 March 2022
Evacuation of Africa’s students from Ukraine continues 3 March 2022
Using data to transform students’ campus experience 26 February 2022
Anti-drug agency asks universities to test all students 13 February 2022