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Governments can help universities to achieve their vision 15 October 2022
Global ranking sees shift away from Western universities 12 October 2022
What researchers learned about online HE during pandemic 8 October 2022
Russia to launch new system of higher education in 2023 30 September 2022
Low-paid lecturers say they cannot survive on idealism 23 September 2022
Testament to African scientists’ genomics surveillance 22 September 2022
Burnout cases on the increase in academia, says report 20 September 2022
Bond may raise US$50 million for shortfall in student loans 14 September 2022
EU court rules universities can be forced on language issue 11 September 2022
Universities sector welcomes post-study work rights changes 6 September 2022
Spoon-feeding is bad for students – and their countries 3 September 2022
Harmonised higher education could be a game changer 1 September 2022
Women’s Academy a signal that ‘numbers do matter’ 25 August 2022
Some of the real reasons behind college enrolment decline 14 August 2022
Geneva’s private universities come under the spotlight 12 August 2022
Towards a consensus model for financing higher education 23 July 2022
Teaching innovations help university to maximise learning 22 July 2022
Record spending on research by universities, colleges 19 July 2022
Technological universities to gain from investment strategy 14 July 2022
President rejects bill aimed at cheaper student loans 12 July 2022
Recognising indigenous knowledge is good for science 8 July 2022
University rector demands release of CEU student in Egypt 8 July 2022
Greater student mobility? There’s a convention for that 7 July 2022
Odinga? Ruto? Presidential candidates promise to change HE 1 July 2022
Ugandan epidemiologist appointed to UN University Council 30 June 2022