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Website exposes ‘rape culture’ allegations at universities 18 April 2021
Universities to celebrate new year, with conditions 3 April 2021
Global vaccine divide – More science collaboration needed 2 April 2021
Transformation? Impossible if word remains undefined 1 April 2021
Why university rankings must include academic freedom 11 March 2021
King vows to shut down university, take back the land 6 March 2021
Out of chaos, a new era emerges for Greek universities 20 February 2021
Rapper’s words provoke police to storm university building 16 February 2021
COVID-19 and higher education: Damage done, lessons learnt 11 February 2021
Promoting digital transformation with a 12-point agenda 11 February 2021
275 layoffs as university asks staff to make videos 10 February 2021
The forgotten mental health crisis: pressures on staff 16 January 2021
Scientists clash over ethics of global vaccine roll-out 14 January 2021
Politicised COVID-19 responses undermine trust in science 6 January 2021
Code of conduct to deal with personal information use 10 December 2020
A time for organisational resilience, flexibility, leadership 10 December 2020
There is no going back: Looking to life ‘after’ COVID-19 3 December 2020
Darwin’s notes reported stolen from Cambridge University 29 November 2020
Universities could face sanctions if quality slips – Watchdog 21 November 2020
University leaders offer post-pandemic visions for HE 20 November 2020
Trainee doctors from Cuba perceived as ‘foreign and incompetent’ 19 November 2020
Save Institute of Commonwealth Studies from the axe 7 November 2020
African Scientists Directory fosters collaboration, counters populism 29 October 2020
33 universities to come under quality review 24 October 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing open access forwards 24 October 2020