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University library to bear name of novelist Haruki Murakami 25 September 2021
Why entrepreneurship education can help meet the SDGs 25 September 2021
Ban on initiation ceremonies backed by harsh penalties 11 September 2021
Yale-NUS College’s abrupt closure is a loss for Singapore 10 September 2021
Dream of authentic SA universities yet to be realised 9 September 2021
Universities are fighting to survive financial meltdown 8 September 2021
The case for competency-based university curriculums 2 September 2021
US dominates and Harvard tops Shanghai ranking for 19th year 20 August 2021
Universities challenged by surge in good A-level grades 13 August 2021
Black women now the largest group in public universities 13 August 2021
Democratisation of digital higher education content creation 12 August 2021
Black female leader making history against the power gap 5 August 2021
Quality higher education ‘indispensable’ for Africa’s future 6 July 2021
Why we need ethical leadership in international HE 3 July 2021
Stop playing politics and focus on academic freedom 21 June 2021
Universities as agents of human and societal well-being 18 June 2021
New privacy law demands greater protection of ‘data subjects’ 28 May 2021
Franco’s university sanctions regulations to be replaced 27 May 2021
E-learning could develop students’ critical thinking skills 27 May 2021
Skilling for the future is the way to fight inequality 20 May 2021
Institutional viability threatened by student debt crisis 13 May 2021
Care leavers struggle to pursue higher education – Survey 8 May 2021
Open education resources to shape post-pandemic world 29 April 2021
Website exposes ‘rape culture’ allegations at universities 18 April 2021
Universities to celebrate new year, with conditions 3 April 2021