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Global higher education finds itself at a crossroads 2 July 2022
Researchers help to restore ancient irrigation systems 2 July 2022
Post-COVID, first batch of students arrives back in China 25 June 2022
Universities can help humanity through glocal partnerships 17 June 2022
From land grabs to COVID: Managing crises in tough times 9 June 2022
Academic publishing: Don’t let the number crunchers win 4 June 2022
Vital shift happening for Rwanda’s social science community 2 June 2022
Perspectives on advancing emerging research universities 2 June 2022
Vice-chancellors shocked over drastic budget cut to sector 28 May 2022
Students, lecturers may boycott National Day due to conflict 19 May 2022
Japan lags behind counterparts in COVID research papers 18 May 2022
How joining forces can help to end bullying in STEM fields 14 May 2022
Pursuing academic excellence in a university in Africa 12 May 2022
‘Divorced universities’ could thrive through community bond 12 May 2022
Young academics need mentorship from universities 5 May 2022
Belfast university chief warns of a ‘perfect storm’ in HE 30 April 2022
Funding: The challenge that keeps leaders awake at night 28 April 2022
‘African universities should differentiate their missions clearly’ 28 April 2022
Florida governor signs bill limiting university tenure 22 April 2022
Find a balance between indigenisation, internationalisation 21 April 2022
Humans are extraordinary, but need a change in mindset 20 April 2022
Trickle of late payments may not be enough to avert a strike 14 April 2022
Research focus on Africa ‘re-influences’ North’s thinking 13 April 2022
Student group gives ultimatum over university renovations 9 April 2022
‘Are we prepared to think beyond national boundaries?’ 7 April 2022