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We need student and other voices in HE funding decisions 10 December 2022
The important role of human capital in tackling the SDGs 10 December 2022
Researchers seek approval for first uterus transplant 2 December 2022
Delay in exit exam means uncertainty for medical students 25 November 2022
Universities should be dynamic, ‘transformative spaces’ 24 November 2022
Benefits of a rights-based approach to higher education 22 November 2022
Cultivating social emotional learning in the metaverse 19 November 2022
Ending inequity: The embrace of humanity is non-negotiable 19 November 2022
VCs from Africa, Europe discuss building scientific capacity 17 November 2022
‘There is no such thing as an African university’ 17 November 2022
All students must learn about inclusive education – Activist 17 November 2022
Universities to play key role in helping flood victims 15 November 2022
Decline in Chinese student mobility: It’s only temporary 12 November 2022
Education minister bars establishment of new universities 11 November 2022
Florida universities push back on proposed tenure rules 11 November 2022
Armed conflict and political upheaval ‘disastrous’ for HE 9 November 2022
Funding of HE: Replace monologues with candid conversations 8 November 2022
‘Africa needs digitised open universities and dual education’ 3 November 2022
African HE can be more competitive through 4IR technologies 26 October 2022
Court orders appointment of permanent vice-chancellor 23 October 2022
Our future demands critical and creative thinking skills 22 October 2022
Developing the right type of leaders for climate action 21 October 2022
How can HE tackle food security in climate change era? 15 October 2022
Megacities and the challenge of inclusive higher education 15 October 2022
The duty to care should be higher education’s fifth mission 6 October 2022