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Howard University selects a new president, a historian 5 May 2023
6 out of 19 universities surveyed have ChatGPT guidelines 29 April 2023
Uncompetitive staff salaries: Italy could be left behind 29 April 2023
Enrolment in state-run universities down ‘70%’ since coup 26 April 2023
Humanising and decolonising international higher education 15 April 2023
In a hyper-connected world, dawns a new age of hyper-learning 15 April 2023
Students protest state-wide higher education entry exam 13 April 2023
Florida bill targeting college diversity gets a makeover 13 April 2023
Rethinking HE: Knowledge for the global common good 8 April 2023
Sustainability means recognising our connection with nature 1 April 2023
How universities can help to integrate Ukrainian refugees 25 March 2023
False Indigeneity claims: Who are the enablers in academia? 25 March 2023
Higher education for sustainability in a post-digital world 25 March 2023
How students and faculty can build their social capital 18 March 2023
Professor Mouhamed Fall wants mathematics to benefit humanity 16 March 2023
How to develop astronomers, astrophysicists and astronauts 2 March 2023
Florida bills target ‘political loyalty tests’ in colleges 25 February 2023
Why universities need to understand the value of carers 18 February 2023
Government focuses on entrepreneurship to counter joblessness 16 February 2023
Quality education is key to addressing global challenges 4 February 2023
Society-centred institutions require cultural shift in HE 25 January 2023
Universities’ role in supporting democracy – And the SDGs 21 January 2023
Counting the cost of the strike in Ghana’s HE sector 19 January 2023
Structural HE reforms required to balance knowledge, skills 19 January 2023
How can the quality of universities be enhanced in 2023? 12 January 2023