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University expels hundreds of students during lockdown 30 April 2020
Leading sociologist and creator of ‘peasant studies’ dies 8 February 2020
Moscow students protest daily over student blogger arrest 12 August 2019
Russian universities are ‘poised to compete globally’ 24 May 2018
Terrorism and migration seen as world’s top challenges 28 April 2016
Calls for prosecution over PhD thesis on Soviet traitor 11 March 2016
Scientists protest against Kremlin threat to research 11 June 2015
Tajiks turn to Hollywood to push English 9 January 2015
American researcher and author denied entry to Russia 17 January 2014
Putin puts higher education at the centre of economic development 13 December 2013
Rowdy dancing costs med students two weeks of studies 29 November 2013
Country's first privately funded animation course at state university 9 February 2013
Students die after participation in patriotic day rehearsal 9 December 2012
Study shows Roma descended from Indian ‘untouchables’ 9 December 2012
Imprisoned 'espionage' physicist wins early release 17 November 2012
Mammoth cloning could be a step closer 16 September 2012
Foreign degrees to be recognised, to attract foreign and ex-pat talent 3 June 2012
RUSSIA: Medical school scandal rector fired 11 August 2011
ICELAND: Education reforms to tackle drop-out rate 20 March 2011
RUSSIA: Freak weather spurs climate research 15 August 2010
RUSSIA: Maths genius may take $1 million prize 28 March 2010
RUSSIA: Maths genius may take $1 million prize 26 March 2010
CZECH REPUBLIC: Degree audit follows corruption claims 8 November 2009
RUSSIA: Fears over restrictions on foreign involvement 8 November 2009
RUSSIA: Arrest of historian sparks outcry 1 November 2009