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Mergers U-turn after protests at ‘inferior’ qualification 10 June 2021
Crackdown begins on business use of ‘university’ title 25 May 2021
Vaccine drive extended to students to keep campuses open 19 May 2021
Universities’ silencing of the student voice gathers pace 4 May 2021
China’s Communist Party targets HKU student union 20 April 2021
Universities pressed to implement ‘security law’ education 24 March 2021
New semester sees continued caution on campus reopenings 27 February 2021
University ‘de-recognises’ student body over freedoms push 26 February 2021
Unions fear impact of suppression of campus activity 5 February 2021
Campuses face new lockdowns to halt spread of COVID-19 22 January 2021
Surge in donations to universities despite protests 6 January 2021
‘National security’ arrests follow protest on campus 7 December 2020
Lockdowns, early campus closures in COVID second wave 27 November 2020
Police start ‘national security’ probe of campus protest 19 November 2020
Concern over possible ‘party link’ of new university VP 29 October 2020
New online conference rules raise academic freedom fears 1 September 2020
Sacking of scholar ‘marks the end of academic freedom’ 28 July 2020
Japan unclear on when to allow foreign students back 17 July 2020
Crackdown on universities manipulating employment data 8 July 2020
Academic freedom crushed under new National Security Law 1 July 2020
COVID-19 resurge will not halt university entrance exams 24 June 2020
Universities across Asia start to reopen bit by bit 10 June 2020
Wuhan universities reopen after six-month suspension 4 June 2020
Student anger over universities’ Hong Kong police job ads 21 May 2020
University heads give up to 10% of salary to student fund 20 April 2020