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Author: John Aubrey Douglass
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New ideas in the face of rankings and ‘world class’ fatigue 4 March 2023
Blue versus red states: Higher education policy-making in the US 21 January 2023
How to enhance the credibility of academia in public life 10 December 2022
Universities in Russia face a dramatic turning point 31 March 2022
What is the fate of Hong Kong’s universities under Xi? 3 November 2021
When are universities leaders or followers? 18 September 2021
How to stop neo-nationalist leaders subduing universities 11 September 2021
Under attack: universities and neo-nationalist movements 4 September 2021
Why America needs a federal strategy on internationalisation of HE 14 August 2021
University research and the vaccine race – who benefits? 27 February 2021
Biden’s victory means a reboot of US higher education policy 25 November 2020
Rethinking standardised testing to end discrimination 27 June 2020
Refocusing institutional research on university needs 18 May 2020
Higher education is key for the post-COVID recovery 25 April 2020
Hiring and promotion are key to fulfilling HE mission 7 March 2020
Harvard University and the fate of affirmative action 15 February 2019
UC at tipping point, in pursuit of a new funding model 7 December 2018
The ‘World-Class’ fad – Time to pursue a grander vision 15 September 2017
An aspirational model for leading universities 16 December 2016
Does charging for tuition reduce access? 28 August 2016
Does charging for tuition reduce access? 26 August 2016
The Flagship University: A response to the World Class University paradigm 25 April 2014
A time for optimism in California? 18 October 2013
Why are research universities going global? 7 September 2013
Affirmative threat to private-sector admissions 22 June 2013