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Accusations of state corruption over Chinese computers 12 August 2016
New AUF accord to develop digital higher education 15 July 2016
Accord spreads French higher education influence abroad 15 July 2016
MOOCs guide for policy-makers in developing countries 3 July 2016
Intercontinental higher education consortium launched 1 July 2016
MOOCs guide for policy-makers in developing countries 1 July 2016
MOOCs have a massive potential market in Africa 1 July 2016
Arrests for fraud in leakage of examination papers 17 June 2016
French connections boost HE for leaders and employment 13 May 2016
CAMES ministers agree to harmonise university curricula 13 May 2016
Students protest against illegal buildings on campus 15 April 2016
New higher education and research facilities for south 1 April 2016
Prime minister cuts short speech after student protest 11 March 2016
Law to improve academic status, after months of protest 26 February 2016
Budget rises to support higher education development 11 December 2015
University’s PhD courses ‘illegal’; students protest 20 November 2015
New head for international francophone university agency 9 October 2015
Budget restores €100 million cut from universities last year 2 October 2015
Parliament adopts research law to prioritise economy 25 September 2015
Student beaten by police during protest against strike 11 September 2015
Minister announces new academy of sciences 11 September 2015
More foreign students, more Mauritians study abroad 28 August 2015
Students disrupt president’s launch of major HE revamp 14 August 2015
Crisis at engineering pole of excellence 2iE 17 July 2015
Fees freeze and plan to improve students’ conditions 9 July 2015