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Sweden seeks to become full member of ENQA once again 7 March 2020
MPs allow more foreign students to stay on and work 28 February 2020
Salary gap data analysis raises post-doc career concerns 27 February 2020
Guidelines for ‘responsible internationalisation’ set out 22 February 2020
Experts seek controversial change to university boards 19 February 2020
‘Macron network’ to establish €10m post-doc programme 15 February 2020
Universities urged to tackle rising student drop-out rate 6 February 2020
Welfare fraud scandal – Universities neglected EU law 1 February 2020
Twice as many foreign academics are in temporary positions 1 February 2020
First graduate school programme on SDGs hugely popular 25 January 2020
Lecturer is told that the word ‘negro’ can never be used 18 January 2020
Norway’s student funding model not the answer, study says 18 January 2020
Investigations begin into how to retain foreign students 11 January 2020
EU presidency extends access to free AI course across EU 13 December 2019
Court overturns student’s expulsion for research abroad 10 December 2019
Country colour index of migration risk informs student permits 7 December 2019
Rigging of academic positions – How to change a culture? 23 November 2019
Humanities students demonstrate against further cuts 16 November 2019
Huge increase in funding for students from the Global South 6 November 2019
Minister accused of issuing order to university rector 2 November 2019
Immigration enhanced academic productivity at Lund – Study 25 October 2019
Industry: ‘No need for more graduates in the humanities’ 24 October 2019
Denmark tops neighbours on funding of study support 19 October 2019
Why paying attention to your university’s values matters 12 October 2019
Top-ranked universities ‘protect academic freedom better’ 12 October 2019