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Should the ERC be worried about its low success rate? 22 May 2021
Universities dismayed by plans to cut research funding 11 May 2021
Universities see sharp rise in applicants from abroad 11 May 2021
ERC celebrates 10,000th grantee of frontier research awards 8 May 2021
Why have Israeli scientists won so many ERC grants? 8 May 2021
How to succeed in the European Universities Initiative 1 May 2021
University reforms to ensure relevance to working life 17 April 2021
Is European Universities Initiative helping to build EHEA? 17 April 2021
Danish HE not at top level in Europe and data weak – Study 27 March 2021
Lund invests US$11.7 million in Agenda 2030-linked projects 20 March 2021
International students raise alarm over exam allegations 13 March 2021
MPs endorse target of 50% of students studying abroad 4 March 2021
Factors behind Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action grant wins 27 February 2021
29% of scientific positions held by foreign researchers 19 February 2021
New migration law set to ‘drive foreign researchers away’ 18 February 2021
Humanities research vital to tackling societal challenges 13 February 2021
Education agencies reorganised into mega-directorate 13 February 2021
Oslo university unveils unprecedented plan for humanities 5 February 2021
Government is discussing reducing English-taught courses 31 January 2021
What is the role of universities in global upskilling? 29 January 2021
Internationalisation goal set to be missed, says report 20 January 2021
Research must benefit society, promote sustainability 16 January 2021
New EU law needed to protect universities from big tech 16 January 2021
HE has a role in stemming rural depopulation, deprivation 8 January 2021
Boosting digital transition through lifelong learning 28 November 2020