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Title Date
Fund set up for Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian students 25 March 2022
Ongoing protest over migration law’s effect on PhD students 18 March 2022
Investigation exposes social biases in HE participation 18 March 2022
Universities gear up to help Ukrainian academic refugees 10 March 2022
Centres of excellence award: High hopes for the humanities 5 March 2022
Experts propose ‘clearing house’ for science diplomacy 3 March 2022
University rectors call for new e-infrastructure authority 26 February 2022
Nord University fights to save its university status 23 February 2022
High foreign demand for English-taught courses, visas and work 18 February 2022
Academics protest against ‘fatal’ changes to Aliens Act 9 February 2022
Mother blames government for mental suffering among youth 4 February 2022
Students say some proposed cuts weaken the welfare model 4 February 2022
Economic reforms offer ‘good news’ to higher education 27 January 2022
Minister rejects switching from student grants to loans 26 January 2022
Relocation of study places to hit humanities hardest 18 January 2022
More international students needed to plug expertise gap 13 January 2022
Universities press government to respect their autonomy 11 January 2022
Business criticises migration rules for foreign graduates 18 December 2021
World’s 6,600 top cited researchers – China continues to grow 18 December 2021
Data on foreign PhD graduates staying on to work revealed 4 December 2021
Eighteen out of 23 highly cited researchers come from abroad 3 December 2021
Call for universities to push to decouple from the state 23 November 2021
Universities landscape emerges from data on 3,000 institutions 20 November 2021
Platform built for inquiry into international education 6 November 2021
Fears raised over embassy staff teaching at universities 4 November 2021