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Author: Jan Petter Myklebust
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Students' challenge to fees raises questions over Erasmus Mundus 10 June 2012
Espionage professor’s jail sentence prompts fears for researchers 8 June 2012
First major survey of mobility patterns of scientists in 16 countries 3 June 2012
MPs to vote on residency rights for international doctoral students 24 May 2012
Regulators argue for compromise on raw data release 20 May 2012
Quality assurance regime fails to meet European standards 6 May 2012
Doctoral students to secure better working rights and conditions 29 April 2012
Academic charged with ’spying’ for the Russians 18 April 2012
Ministers to consider mobility measures as countries fall short of target 15 April 2012
Top research universities show how to beat the economic squeeze 1 April 2012
Academies reject Horizon 2020 pledge on social sciences 30 March 2012
Minister wants to lure students from southern Europe 25 March 2012
Danes and Swedes to lead bid for Horizon 2020 food research strand 22 March 2012
ERC defends concentration of grants in top research universities 11 March 2012
Research ministers demand key role for social sciences in Horizon 2020 26 February 2012
One in five graduates ‘overqualified’ for their job claim challenged 23 February 2012
Ministers press ahead with plans to reduce academic power 19 February 2012
Anger over commercial use of student data 16 February 2012
ERC grants skewed towards large nations and male scientists 5 February 2012
International masters applications rise despite high fees 5 February 2012
‘Name and shame’ warning over slow research reform 3 February 2012
Exclusion from European higher education area must continue 29 January 2012
Minister wants all students to take a study period abroad 27 January 2012
'Balance' rules hit Danish exchanges 17 January 2012
Mass killer tells of US diploma racket 17 January 2012