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Author: Jan Petter Myklebust
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Title Date
Young minister wants to prioritise the elite 14 August 2015
New call for a top foreign university in Stockholm 30 June 2015
Iranian students sue over expulsions on spying claims 26 June 2015
Merger battles begin after parliamentary vote 24 June 2015
Horizon 2020: Surge in applications but low success rate 19 June 2015
Academics and students say austerity plans won’t work 13 June 2015
Growth of doctorates changes global research landscape 12 June 2015
Universities face drastic cuts and tuition fees 6 June 2015
Opposition promises more flexible approach to reform 5 June 2015
Joint call to raise spending to create a research powerhouse 31 May 2015
Mergers might ‘never succeed with an elected rector’ 22 May 2015
Rectors oppose luring students with income data 15 May 2015
Inequity persists in top universities, says report 15 May 2015
Speed up licensing of non-EU medics, say universities 8 May 2015
One year less research for a PhD than in UK and Sweden 8 May 2015
Foreign student sues university over course quality 1 May 2015
Foreign PhD graduates denied citizenship 24 April 2015
First non-Norwegian to head nation’s largest university college 17 April 2015
Crosstalks: Where great minds from around the world meet 17 April 2015
Police evict protesting students and academics 17 April 2015
University leaders say masters reform is unworkable 10 April 2015
Government signals boost for women and research 10 April 2015
Universities and colleges face wholesale reforms 30 March 2015
University colleges to increase staff PhDs tenfold 27 March 2015
Tooth of `Peking Man’ found again after 90 years 20 March 2015