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Integrated work practice key to raising employability 6 May 2016
Audit casts shadow over bidding for EIT’s networks 29 April 2016
Nobel decision paves way for advanced research centre 27 April 2016
Student becomes youngest PhD holder in Scandinavia 22 April 2016
Pressure to redirect funds spent on student financing 8 April 2016
National library director refuses order to fire staff 8 April 2016
Inquiry proposes ‘non-elitist’ tenure track system 1 April 2016
Oslo University opens centre on right-wing extremism 1 April 2016
Tenure track lures elite researchers, can hinder women 1 April 2016
Foreign-born academics face recruitment discrimination 25 March 2016
Majority of academics at universities recruited from within 18 March 2016
Plan for peer review based research funding opposed 11 March 2016
LERU sets out best practice in QA for doctoral training 11 March 2016
MPs pass plan for new quality assurance system 4 March 2016
Government to slash student grants, toughen eligibility 3 March 2016
Minister to shake up criteria for university funding 16 February 2016
Copenhagen University announces drastic staff cuts 3 February 2016
Smaller studies including unique Eskimology face axe 22 January 2016
Austerity measures hit universities and polytechnics hard 22 January 2016
Top foreign student deported for extra hour worked 15 January 2016
Improving teaching quality moves to top of agenda 14 January 2016
EU to remove copyright obstacle to data mining 11 December 2015
Europe ‘must speed up solutions to grand challenges’ 10 December 2015
Lessons from Sweden and Denmark on innovation 4 December 2015
Lessons to learn from world-class universities 28 November 2015