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Author: Jan Petter Myklebust
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Title Date
Non-European cooperation in Horizon 2020 in decline 21 October 2016
Minister in storm after overriding university autonomy 21 October 2016
Outcry as ministry plans control of university boards 13 October 2016
LERU and Eastern European universities join forces 7 October 2016
University leaders lack international experience 30 September 2016
Call to step up long-term job mobility of researchers 30 September 2016
Business calls for rectors to be elected by boards 23 September 2016
Academics question pressure to merge universities 16 September 2016
Study abroad funding determined by university rankings 16 September 2016
Universities face more cuts and more political control 9 September 2016
Universities chief fired as KI scandal fallout spreads 9 September 2016
Is study abroad as beneficial as is reputed? 2 September 2016
Conversations on research policy 26 August 2016
Evaluating the EU’s Horizon 2020 and designing FP9 26 August 2016
Can the Danish miracle in world-class research endure? 19 August 2016
Ministers respond to early stage research demands 12 August 2016
Governance at heart of government’s universities survey 15 July 2016
New barometer reflects decline in research spending 8 July 2016
Study progress rates the same with grants and loans 1 July 2016
Steady progress in speeding up degree completion time 24 June 2016
Universities lead growth in healthcare innovation 17 June 2016
Professors publicly add to pressure for elected rectors 20 May 2016
Bid to stem rise in student loans for migrant workers 20 May 2016
New call for scrapping of unregulated tuition fees 13 May 2016
Government to monitor universities on employability 6 May 2016