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Title Date
Inquiry heralds reform of HE governance and funding 3 May 2017
Public-private research drives international citations 28 April 2017
Employment status given to nearly all PhD candidates 21 April 2017
Row over politician meddling in university positions 20 April 2017
Ministry backs down on greater control of universities 19 April 2017
The value of PhDs has shifted but is still disputed 14 April 2017
Court rules that half of US student's fee must be repaid 7 April 2017
Cut in study places aimed at culling EU student intake 7 April 2017
An action plan to address the crisis facing humanities 31 March 2017
A 2040 vision of HE dominated by grand knowledge hubs 24 March 2017
Appeal heard against international student fee ruling 16 March 2017
Fees for international students put on election agenda 15 March 2017
In search of a new form of university governance 10 March 2017
Doubling of PhDs has not affected quality – Analysis 7 March 2017
Government strengthens grip on universities again 1 March 2017
Expert appointed to review internationalisation of HE 22 February 2017
Row over mismanagement of EU research funding 17 February 2017
Expert group recommends overhaul of research funding 9 February 2017
White paper calls for quality culture improvement 4 February 2017
Global outcry and call to boycott US conferences 1 February 2017
Introducing fees for non-EU students is a game-changer 27 January 2017
Survey reveals high unmet demand for study abroad 12 January 2017
Mobile researchers have higher productivity – Study 16 December 2016
Horizon 2020 endangered by low success rate, says EUA 16 December 2016
Students oppose bill to limit funding of second degrees 13 December 2016