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Author: Jan Petter Myklebust
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Title Date
University mergers are changing the higher education landscape 8 March 2019
54 networks bid to join European Universities pilot 7 March 2019
International student recruitment booming in Stockholm 1 March 2019
Security chief: ‘Foreign spies are recruiting students’ 28 February 2019
Minister racing to speed up innovation, commercialisation 22 February 2019
Investigator proposes overhaul of university funding 15 February 2019
Research excellence policy has unintended consequences 8 February 2019
Academic researchers need a more reliable career path 31 January 2019
Minister seeks cultural change on student mobility 24 January 2019
New data show great disparity in growth in R&D spending 18 January 2019
Exchanges are the low-debt option for studying abroad 15 January 2019
Merger makes Tampere the second-largest university 11 January 2019
Experts’ panel to examine the Danish innovation system 1 January 2019
China reaps rewards of heavy investment in science 16 December 2018
MPs give go-ahead for one-year ‘masters’ degrees 15 December 2018
Action plan to increase ‘pay-off’ from Horizon 2020 30 November 2018
Decision to cut international student numbers backfires 24 November 2018
Networks eye bid for ‘European University’ status 17 November 2018
Populism a threat to internationalisation, rectors say 17 November 2018
Row over MEPs’ ‘Europe first’ stance on research funding 9 November 2018
Investigator backs tuition fees for foreign students 3 November 2018
Rising drop-out rate leads to call to scrap reforms 2 November 2018
Mixed response to minister’s call for more study abroad 29 October 2018
Ministry launches mass student survey to assess teaching 27 October 2018
Government takes steps to lure and retain foreign talent 20 October 2018