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Spike in university enrolment brings new challenges 9 May 2016
Multi-million-dollar hostel project for five universities 14 April 2016
University bosses agree on new tuition fee model 2 April 2016
Student loans agency in urgent funding, recovery drive 25 March 2016
Better school results pile pressure on university places 11 March 2016
Universities must tighten belts after 3.5% subsidy rise 20 February 2016
Ten campuses closed, dozens face ban, in quality drive 29 January 2016
Private universities seek state-funded students share 16 January 2016
One dead, 50 injured in chaotic campus security drill 4 December 2015
The man behind Kenya’s largest private university 27 November 2015
Conflict and crash crunch hit the University of Nairobi 21 November 2015
Crises over degree recognition, fee hike, student loans 9 October 2015
CODESRIA initiatives to boost social sciences research 12 September 2015
Three universities to build laptops in innovation drive 21 August 2015
MPs may ease loan repayment load on jobless graduates 11 August 2015
US$1 billion universities research kitty coming soon 10 July 2015
US firm to build student hostels in US$11 million project 26 June 2015
New rules on masters, moonlighting and lecturer PhDs 22 May 2015
State cuts university funding by 6% as enrolment soars 8 May 2015
Employer poll reveals preferred university graduates 17 April 2015
Technology sweeping universities opens opportunities 27 March 2015
Better school marks send record numbers to universities 6 March 2015
Loans agency tightens noose on graduates seeking jobs 28 February 2015
Top university launches probe into fake degree claims 13 February 2015
TV exposé reveals diploma mills and corruption in HE 6 February 2015