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Government scraps demand-driven funding of universities 11 April 2019
Five nations lead latest higher education rankings 3 April 2019
Automation will make huge demands on universities 27 March 2019
Number of Aborigines in university doubles in a decade 20 March 2019
Academics support ‘student strike’ on climate change 15 March 2019
Will the next Julia Gillard step forward, please? 8 March 2019
Foreign student numbers should be cut, say Australians 27 February 2019
Bursaries to lure top students into teaching degrees 19 February 2019
International student enrolment set to exceed UK numbers 13 February 2019
Jump in numbers of graduates and postgraduates 6 February 2019
Universities commended for tackling sexual harassment 30 January 2019
Top universities go for Chinese over Australian students 24 January 2019
Wide variation in graduate employment rates globally 18 January 2019
Graduates enjoying better job prospects and wages 18 January 2019
Universities to benefit if Labor returns to power 11 January 2019
Government faces mounting unpaid student debt burden 14 December 2018
Labor promises taskforce on campus sexual harassment 3 December 2018
Labor accuses government of ‘waging war on science’ 29 November 2018
International student boom could evaporate, experts warn 20 November 2018
Freedom of speech review arouses campus debate 14 November 2018
Universities in dispute over copyright fees legal action 12 November 2018
Early-career researchers in new German collaboration 9 November 2018
Guidelines to boosting indigenous research unveiled 2 November 2018
Minister should explain why research grants are refused 31 October 2018
Outrage over minister cancelling research grants 26 October 2018