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50 professors decry Murdoch action against whistleblower 1 November 2019
Graduates are struggling to find full-time employment 30 October 2019
Universities accused of aiding mass surveillance in China 15 October 2019
Sharp fall in number of visas issued to Chinese students 25 September 2019
‘Baby boom’ leads to surge in university enrolments 17 September 2019
How science fiction shapes viewer attitudes to science 14 September 2019
Performance-based funding will ‘transform HE’ – Minister 4 September 2019
Taskforce to protect research from foreign interference 28 August 2019
New performance-based funding system for universities 24 August 2019
90-year-old shows that age does not stop you graduating 30 July 2019
Under new law, parents to be punished for aiding a student 24 July 2019
Recruitment of top academic leaders is getting harder 9 July 2019
Graduate shock as wage level for loan payment is lowered 3 July 2019
Freedom of speech pits chancellors against vice-chancellors 27 June 2019
The future of work is human, more meaningful – and female 22 June 2019
International students boost jobs and business 22 June 2019
Auckland joins global alliance for automation skills 12 June 2019
Independent watchdog key to monitor artificial intelligence 1 June 2019
University freeze set to continue after election upset 22 May 2019
Hawke: Rhodes scholar, trade union leader and prime minister 17 May 2019
Labor plans to expand Children’s University 15 May 2019
Universities enrol foreign students certain to fail 7 May 2019
Universities the winners if Labor assumes government 1 May 2019
Overseas students are driving rapid population growth 25 April 2019
Auckland wins top spot for Sustainable Development Goals 20 April 2019