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The rise of the multinational university 5 August 2012
Implications of China and India’s expanding higher education 5 August 2012
Winning gold needs research and elite sports training 29 July 2012
European blow to anti-counterfeiting trade agreement 5 July 2012
Experiment identifies possible long-sought Higgs boson particle 4 July 2012
More than half of tertiary teaching done by casuals 20 June 2012
Virtual learning world expands as universities go online 17 June 2012
Genetic safety in numbers for the duck-billed platypus 10 June 2012
Rise of the Asian giants in research and development 22 May 2012
Scandinavian countries top the world in research, study finds 20 May 2012
Boosting science, mathematics and engineering graduates 20 May 2012
New ranking system rates ‘best’ countries not universities 11 May 2012
Higher education escapes harsh budget cuts 10 May 2012
Vice-chancellor pulls back from slashing jobs after protests 2 May 2012
Code of ethics for international student recruitment agents 29 April 2012
Monash first in country to break into China’s university market 25 April 2012
Splitting the world’s biggest telescope between two countries 12 April 2012
Critics counter website allowing university indicator comparisons 3 April 2012
A$220 million synchrotron rescued from closure 1 April 2012
Top university slashes spending by A$40 million, jobs on the line 29 March 2012
Universities and students face grim financial future 23 March 2012
Africa may pip Australia to win the Square Kilometre Array 18 March 2012
Demand-driven system boosts student numbers 8 March 2012
Universities face new world of fierce competition 8 March 2012
University reforms of international significance 8 March 2012