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Japanese car maker invests in university engineering programme 5 April 2019
Government takes action over fake lecturer certificates 13 November 2018
Government backtracks, calls for new university council 30 October 2018
Universities embark on ‘deeper’ cooperation with France 6 July 2018
New body to regulate all higher education institutions 1 July 2018
University-level upgrade for teacher-training colleges 20 June 2018
Open university set to meet growing demand for HE 4 May 2018
Minister calls for ‘rethink’ on higher education funding 11 April 2018
Accreditation body head calls for tougher powers 16 March 2018
Lecturer issues warning over loss of academic freedom 2 March 2018
Private universities have the potential to ‘take over’ 16 February 2018
Corruption among factors affecting HE quality process 10 February 2018
Corruption among factors affecting HE quality process 9 February 2018
Industry links in spotlight at African University Week 15 December 2017
Students bear the brunt of poor quality assurance systems 17 November 2017
AAU workshop builds HE quality assurance capacity 3 November 2017
Higher education harmonisation – Not just a dream 16 June 2017
AAU celebrates 50 years as voice of higher education 6 June 2017
Call to end government research investment 'inertia' 7 April 2017
The changing face of social sciences and the liberal arts 7 April 2017
Call to end government research investment 'inertia' 7 April 2017
Quality assurance workshops target university teaching 10 March 2017
New bill to provide for sustainable research funding 11 November 2016
Urgent need to narrow the gender gap in African academia 14 October 2016
The ‘infinite’ benefits of internationalisation 14 October 2016