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Community activities will help prepare students for work 16 September 2021
New variants: Africa needs to strengthen its COVID response 14 September 2021
Africa Centers of Excellence increase pool of researchers 2 September 2021
Essay denounces ‘pervasive’ racism and sexism in science 19 August 2021
Leaders ask African governments to go ‘beyond rhetoric’ 7 July 2021
‘Vibrant higher education landscape’ beckons for Africa 21 June 2021
Racially biased academic publishing in need of decolonisation 17 June 2021
Gambia wants to work with sub-region on quality 7 June 2021
Senior staff on strike again over ‘unfair’ labour practice 20 May 2021
Africa should tackle failures in technology sharing 20 May 2021
Increased enrolment in science part of growth strategy 29 April 2021
Universities clamp down on provocative student garb 25 March 2021
Africa’s youth could pioneer digitally driven growth 17 March 2021
Fight for withdrawal of controversial bill continues 14 March 2021
President set on an increase in tertiary enrolments 11 March 2021
Tertiary students to return to lectures within days 5 January 2021
In-country genetic changes of coronavirus mapped by scientists 3 November 2020
Public University Bill on hold until December election 29 October 2020
‘Homecoming’ celebrates vast potential of academic diaspora 1 October 2020
Training boosts capacity to teach effectively online 10 September 2020
Continental bodies collaborate to boost science granting councils 25 August 2020
African research overlooked in citations, policy debates 6 August 2020
Former VC to contest elections as first female vice-president 21 July 2020
Lecturers issue public warning over new voters’ register 11 June 2020
Universities to reopen in mid-June to final-year students 1 June 2020