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5,000 PhD scholars to meet Africa’s growing AI needs 1 February 2022
Projects pave women’s way into data science fields 18 November 2021
International students accuse universities of indifference 9 September 2021
PhD students who study in South Africa tend to return home 26 August 2021
Emoticons enhance communication between lecturers, students 15 August 2021
Educational lifeline for the most vulnerable students 15 July 2021
Initiative amplifies African perspectives on climate change 1 July 2021
University-industry collaboration cannot be delayed 17 June 2021
In pursuit of reliable data for higher education policy-making 10 June 2021
Thousands of graduates needed to echo technology boom 27 May 2021
Thoughts for food: Rethinking what Africa puts on its plate 6 May 2021
Hackathons part of plan to train one million data scientists 29 April 2021
PhD project wants to train 100 young academics 7 April 2021
Towards a generation of climate change graduates 6 April 2021
International students accused of ‘importing’ COVID-19 8 March 2021
African universities asked to join global COVID survey 5 March 2021
Coding a must-have skill for graduates and academics 25 February 2021
COVID-19 claims several academics across sector 29 January 2021
Labour unrest grows amid sector’s increasing money troubles 26 November 2020
Academics call for community-based healthcare training 26 November 2020
Balancing the books, creating sustainability beyond COVID-19 5 November 2020
Foreign students struggling amid scholarship shock 29 October 2020
IT leaders played a critical role in emergency learning 22 October 2020
Young doctors to return to work after public apology to minister 15 October 2020
Striking registrars ask to return to work, studies 8 October 2020