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US university hopes to fill higher education gap 20 February 2021
Two graduates who founded Parler grab headlines 17 January 2021
Latest military airstrike hits Tigray university 29 November 2020
US universities become less attractive to international students 31 October 2020
Coronavirus clusters at universities teach Europe a lesson 26 September 2020
Instagram deletes university ‘COVID parties’ account 29 August 2020
In turnabout, state’s public universities mandate masks 11 July 2020
University entrance exam begins after virus delay 11 July 2020
Universities call for solidarity in fight against COVID-19 23 May 2020
Students at 25 colleges sue for refund after campuses close 9 May 2020
Jailed Catalan independence leader to teach at university 7 March 2020
Universities follow similar playbook in sex assault response 7 March 2020
Uniforms to be compulsory in province’s universities 14 December 2019
Trump signs order aimed at anti-Semitism in universities 14 December 2019
Three students killed in clashes on Ethiopian campuses 16 November 2019
Colleges received millions from opioid maker owners 12 October 2019
HE body asked to provide drinking water in universities 28 September 2019
University of California is dumping fossil fuel investments 21 September 2019
Losing Hawaii telescope risks billions in funds – University 14 September 2019
University overbooks beds, improvises dorm space 27 July 2019
Billionaire gives US$30 million to study homelessness 4 May 2019
Dean resigns over Chick-Fil-A campus ban 9 March 2019
Minister assures support to universities promoting Quran 9 March 2019
DeVos warns of crisis over ballooning student debt 30 November 2018
Anti-Trump climate change grants poach US researchers 15 December 2017