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Government suspends bill to reform university admissions 13 June 2021
Educational institutions are victims of conflict, again 22 May 2021
Former HE minister strives to improve universities 8 May 2021
Self-censorship in higher education – An untold problem 25 April 2021
Universities struggle to survive after a decade of war 25 April 2021
Academics protest plan to give ministry more control 10 April 2021
Students are caught in a currency exchange trap 21 November 2020
Local rankings to bolster university quality 14 November 2020
Opposition to planned reforms for undergraduate education 7 November 2020
Gaza’s university students drop out at an accelerating rate 10 October 2020
Amid warnings, universities and schools prepare to reopen 12 September 2020
Universities face pressure to better protect women 29 August 2020
Educators grapple with how to authenticate online exams 30 May 2020
Universities seek independence in phase two of revolution 11 January 2020
Fewer Syrians in Lebanon are reaching universities 19 October 2019
Kuwait, Qatar slash Jordanian universities they recognise 27 July 2019
Universities in opposition-held areas face uncertain future 30 March 2019
Russia offers support to Syrian higher education 23 March 2019
Ongoing war leaves scientific research crippled 23 February 2018
Data suggests universities contribute to unemployment 26 January 2018
Kurdistan referendum ‘yes’ vote means uncertainty for HE 29 September 2017
Survey exposes weaknesses in university quality control 22 September 2017
Rising tuition fees highlight flawed university finances 19 August 2017
Universities start rebuilding in post-Islamic State era 7 July 2017
Universities focus on teaching English 28 January 2017