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University is an impossible dream for most asylum seekers 21 February 2022
Craving for a cricket? Research on edible insects can help 27 January 2022
Study abroad is back, but has it changed post-COVID? 7 January 2022
Funding for research and development doubles 27 November 2021
Universities landscape emerges from data on 3,000 institutions 20 November 2021
Music icon Barbra Streisand to launch university institute 23 October 2021
Pressure to publish is more damaging in the Global South 12 October 2021
Towards the intellectualisation of African languages 5 October 2021
Ban on initiation ceremonies backed by harsh penalties 11 September 2021
Yemeni academics in Saudi Arabia face loss of jobs, homes 5 August 2021
How universities must reconcile with First Nations people 3 July 2021
Groups slam bid for ‘flexible learning’ as new norm 29 May 2021
When teaching and learning turn into a political act 29 March 2021
Why university rankings must include academic freedom 11 March 2021
Higher education needs to develop better crisis responses 13 February 2021
Science creates forward momentum for Africa’s research 10 December 2020
Living alone in a foreign country during a pandemic 10 December 2020
How do we make intellectual amends for COVID-19 learning? 5 December 2020
Former politicians appointed to public university posts 29 November 2020
Subsidy cuts, closures of private institutions affect students 5 November 2020
PM promotes ‘graded autonomy’ concept for universities 12 September 2020
The future of student affairs and services in higher education 12 September 2020
Universities partner with companies for research, training 4 July 2020
Ivy League universities wrestle with ties to slavery, racism 4 July 2020
Experimentation in higher education must become the norm 27 June 2020