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Kefeta project: Lessons in integrated youth empowerment 30 June 2022
Graduate employability is about skills and the economy 23 June 2022
Marshalling the diaspora: Ethiopia’s ‘unsung model’ 16 June 2022
The TVET sector needs more financing and less rhetoric 9 June 2022
Gambling: An emerging challenge for Ethiopian universities 9 June 2022
Elite schools planned to feed HE with star students 26 May 2022
Can university exit exams fix some systemic problems? 5 May 2022
Accreditation: Battle over staff with ‘right’ qualifications 21 April 2022
Quality assurance mandate: What about other alternatives? 31 March 2022
Space science capabilities depend on quality education 24 March 2022
Student placement policy: Towards an improved system 24 February 2022
Honorary degrees: A matter of image, money and publicity? 10 February 2022
Halting HE expansion in the public sector: The alternatives? 3 February 2022
Burgeoning higher education is beset by shortcomings 27 January 2022
HE sector wants qualification framework to be implemented 27 January 2022
Ministry needs funds to rebuild damaged universities 15 January 2022
Masters publishing requirements akin to ‘academic extremism’ 16 December 2021
Training of HE leaders requires a holistic response 9 December 2021
Programme quality audits support institutional improvements 11 November 2021
Government change sets off and intensifies challenges in HE 28 October 2021
Tackling student attrition requires systemic interventions 14 October 2021
Are universities learning from external quality assurance? 7 October 2021
Policy knowledge of academic staff: Gaps and implications 23 September 2021
Plan to create degree-relevant jobs for 80% of graduates 16 September 2021
Scholars’ call for action: A simplistic path for a complex problem? 6 September 2021