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Renewed push for qualification recognition in Asia 2 September 2016
Japan, South Korea top Asia’s most innovative universities 31 August 2016
Gender gaps in higher education across Central Asia 8 July 2016
Identity politics and student protest movements 8 July 2016
Excellence drive is short on innovation and creativity 17 June 2016
Iran, China lead rapid growth in Asia’s research 10 June 2016
Student movements make gains but struggle to stay relevant 27 May 2016
AlphaGo computer victory sparks AI ‘deep learning’ drive 25 March 2016
Asian foreign language universities form network 12 March 2016
Corruption undermines rise of East Asian universities 29 January 2016
Asia propelled towards science powerhouse status 13 November 2015
Asia emerging as ‘third pole’ in higher education 17 October 2015
The new access challenge is for refugees, says UNHCR 9 October 2015
Countering campus extremism 18 September 2015
Currency slides spark fears for international enrolments 28 August 2015
Time to build greater equality of opportunity 29 May 2015
Higher education framework to usher in a new era 8 May 2015
Women’s university challenges gender bias 24 April 2015
Towards a sustainable, humane society 17 April 2015
New hub for international education research 3 April 2015
How can Asia compete for international students? 27 March 2015
Region heading for HE ‘powerhouse’ status 20 March 2015
Women enrol in sciences but not STEM 20 February 2015
Gulf in research capacity hinders international collaboration 30 January 2015
Need to upgrade universities and research as R&D heads East 12 December 2014