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Universities in Japan and Taiwan open doors to Ukrainians 10 June 2022
Assaults on higher education continue unabated in South Asia 4 June 2022
Why people need to start early to address climate change 25 May 2022
A common HE platform to tackle global challenges and SDGs 14 May 2022
Preparing for pandemics: A region’s universities step up 27 April 2022
Evolution of the Tokyo Convention – Lessons and insights 16 April 2022
Universities need to build partnerships to close SDG gaps 5 April 2022
Academic ‘conveyer belt’ approach dehumanises education 17 March 2022
Promoting the global flow of quality content and pedagogy 5 March 2022
Digital transformation of international HE gathers momentum 16 February 2022
New CAMPUS Asia initiative extends to ASEAN countries 21 January 2022
Education ministers seek greater regional HE connectivity 17 December 2021
Why strategic engagement with South East Asia matters too 20 November 2021
Dialogue on enhancing graduate employability in ASEAN 19 November 2021
Racial profiling of Chinese scientists is spreading fear 29 October 2021
Why the Bell Curve system for giving grades needs reform 23 October 2021
Asian universities step up semiconductor programmes 22 October 2021
Offshore learning hubs keep overseas students engaged 25 September 2021
Inclusion is key in HE roadmap for Asia and Europe post-COVID 14 September 2021
New semester sees many foreign students still shut out 9 September 2021
Catalysing development of an ASEAN higher education space 28 August 2021
ASEAN countries strengthen pandemic research cooperation 24 August 2021
More HE disruption as new wave of COVID-19 hits Asia 23 July 2021
Asia continues to rise, but rankings highlight challenges 26 June 2021
Japan and South Korea decline, China still rising 12 June 2021