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Universities will shift or be built in new capital 1 February 2020
4 universities to use blockchain to authenticate certificates 23 November 2019
Lecturer among those arrested for attack plan 12 October 2019
Two die in student protests sparked by corruption law 2 October 2019
We need to be more open about racism in Indonesia 14 September 2019
Concern over research permit process impact on foreigners 14 September 2019
National university ranking highlights quality challenge 7 September 2019
Controversial plan for foreigners to boost campus rankings 24 August 2019
The brain drain problem fuelled by lack of jobs at home 27 July 2019
Foreign researchers flouting visa rules face criminal charges 20 July 2019
University ‘radicalisation’ ranking sparks debate 11 July 2019
Religious fundamentalism a growing problem – Survey 6 July 2019
President overrides ministry on selection of rector 15 June 2019
Australian universities play the long game in Indonesia 15 March 2019
Government mulls entry of foreign universities 22 February 2019
How to shine in Indonesian science? Game the system 11 January 2019
Tsunami scientists clash with Indonesian government 19 October 2018
Ministry sets up task force on campus radicalisation 7 July 2018
Ministry sets up task force on campus radicalisation 5 July 2018
Universities to fight extremism with intelligence body 29 June 2018
Government to curb radicalism at universities 8 June 2018
First foreign university expected to open this year 25 May 2018
Stop commercialising education, students urge government 4 May 2018
Universities welcome foreigners as permanent lecturers 20 April 2018
University revokes niqab ban after criticism 16 March 2018