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Liberal arts universities in a ChatGPT era – How to adapt? 13 September 2023
After a period of caution, universities open up to ChatGPT 23 August 2023
University scientists get rare US approval for drug trials 12 August 2023
Governance tussle signals concerns over university freedoms 4 August 2023
Top Hong Kong scientists join pandemic research alliance 22 July 2023
Cap on mainland and foreign students may be raised 5 July 2023
Drive to plug civil service ‘brain drain’ targets students 2 June 2023
Student arrest related to 2019 campus siege raises alarm 26 May 2023
Academics from mainland China outnumber Hong Kong faculty 19 May 2023
Another student union faces dissolution as leaders resign 10 May 2023
Spike in number of students with mental health problems 10 May 2023
12% of students left city for tertiary studies last year 29 April 2023
Academics fear ‘less democratic’ university governance 21 April 2023
University embraces ChatGPT use despite bans by others 25 March 2023
Exodus of university students and professors continues 24 January 2023
Professor said he feared arrest over 2019 protest article 11 January 2023
All students will need to pass national education courses 17 December 2022
Security chief warns against support for China protests 1 December 2022
Logo redesign row sparks concerns over university autonomy 26 October 2022
Hong Kong visa bid to lure talent from world’s top 100 20 October 2022
Mainland China students shun the West, turn to Hong Kong 7 October 2022
Campus flag-raising ceremonies may become ‘new flashpoint’ 16 September 2022
International recognition of new core subject in doubt 14 September 2022
National security education compulsory for undergraduates 17 August 2022
Universities offer scholarships to counter city exodus 14 July 2022