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Burkina, Niger ready to support students rejected by France 28 September 2023
Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso feel impact of France’s visa call 21 September 2023
Five-year post-study visas for Indian masters students 15 July 2023
University begins work to return human remains to Africa 6 July 2023
Crucial roles for social sciences in AI, says Sergei Guriev 6 April 2023
Top university confronts medical crimes and its Nazi past 28 July 2022
Brexit, COVID, Ukraine war drive student mobility to France 21 July 2022
Macron win relieves scientists, but policy concerns persist 27 April 2022
Research initiative to tackle food security, global warming 24 March 2022
French researcher who discovered HIV virus dies at 89 13 February 2022
Research agency renews calls for African HE partnerships 13 February 2022
President Macron hints at end of free university access 21 January 2022
Millions for regional programme in oceanography 21 October 2021
New education initiatives to follow France’s soft power drive 20 October 2021
Decline of French research investigated by Le Monde 2 October 2021
No health passport required for students – Minister 28 August 2021
Senate to probe foreign states’ meddling in universities 10 July 2021
University boss charged over rotting corpses 13 June 2021
Report highlights strengths and weaknesses in science 22 May 2021
Senate approves proposal to ban prayers at universities 10 April 2021
Macron replaces elite ENA with ‘socially diverse’ institute 9 April 2021
International lab to focus on interface of AI and humans 23 February 2021
HE minister sparks backlash over ‘Islamo-leftism’ comments 20 February 2021
At elite universities, students demand environmental action 6 February 2021
Universities sound alarm over dangers of distance learning 12 December 2020