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How much autonomy will Addis Ababa University really have? 14 September 2023
Amhara strife threatens to disrupt academic year 4 September 2023
Minister appointed chancellor of ‘autonomous’ university 1 September 2023
Accreditation: Tap potential of professional associations 31 August 2023
Honorary doctorates should not be in service of ethnicity 24 August 2023
Addis Ababa University acquires autonomy from the state 12 August 2023
Tigray universities to resume education after 2-year hiatus 5 August 2023
Why a centralised admissions test for postgraduate students? 3 August 2023
With more work, exit exam may become quality building block 27 July 2023
46.6% of prospective graduates pass university exit exam 22 July 2023
Why the anomaly in women’s representation in private HE? 22 June 2023
The perils and promises of becoming an autonomous university 8 June 2023
A tale of two academic promotion standards in a single system 11 May 2023
What does it take to reform a quality assurance authority? 4 May 2023
Universities brace for worst as government grants autonomy 7 April 2023
Digitalisation: a panacea for exam cheating, or not yet? 16 March 2023
Aviation academy receives upgrade to university level 11 March 2023
HE to feel impact of shocking school-leaving exam results 2 February 2023
Amid a fragile peace, universities recall conflict’s cost 21 January 2023
Managing student ethnic diversity is a daunting task 19 January 2023
Does Ethiopia’s education roadmap need adjustments? 12 January 2023
Amid a fragile peace, universities recall conflict’s cost 12 January 2023
Does Ethiopia’s education roadmap need adjustments? 8 January 2023
42% of public university graduates are unemployed – Report 17 December 2022
Should university service be compulsory for all students? 15 December 2022