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Russian to be offered as second language in universities 24 March 2023
New scientific strategy is a shift towards sustainability 9 March 2023
Russia announces plans for a nuclear university in Egypt 17 February 2023
Devaluation of local currency strains university students 15 February 2023
Internationalisation: Egypt expands foreign branch campuses 19 January 2023
142 Kuwaitis found to be holding fake degrees from Egypt 17 December 2022
‘Suicide in the Africa region must be taken seriously’ 15 December 2022
Centre to support climate adaptation in Africa announced 14 November 2022
Concerns over Egyptian students in Ukraine, Russia increase 20 October 2022
South Sudanese students protest outside embassy in Egypt 7 October 2022
Activists criticise state universities’ student dress code 30 September 2022
Key role for universities in Egypt’s first IP strategy 29 September 2022
Ministry in talks with Russia over nuclear science research 6 September 2022
Alarm on campuses after another female student is murdered 5 September 2022
Outrage over the killing of another female student 11 August 2022
Anger over grant of civilian degrees to military students 9 August 2022
University rector demands release of CEU student in Egypt 8 July 2022
Student’s murder: HE should tackle gender-based violence 22 June 2022
Foreign universities commit to opening branch campuses 15 June 2022
Key role for universities in Egypt’s climate strategy 24 May 2022
Medical students prefer face-to-face education, survey finds 14 April 2022
Egypt tops North African region in publications misconduct 7 April 2022
Universities return to online learning – Egyptian embassy 6 April 2022
Students from Ukraine begin exams for local universities 29 March 2022
Government launches climate change initiative for students 6 March 2022