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Concerns raised over higher education completion rate 24 March 2023
New reforms include bid to attract international students 11 March 2023
Industry experts object to proposed masters degree reforms 4 March 2023
Political controversy over rising international student debt 16 February 2023
Study uncovers ethically dubious co-authorship practices 28 January 2023
Business leaders oppose plan for one-year masters degrees 21 January 2023
Is higher education set to become an economic handmaiden? 8 January 2023
New report documents net value of international students 1 December 2022
Scepticism over government’s one-year masters degree plan 8 October 2022
Optimism over minister’s inclusive style in research talks 2 September 2022
Business moots new plan to attract international students 27 August 2022
Minister reaches out to scientists over freedom concerns 19 August 2022
Scrapping of English-taught courses hits STEM admissions 13 August 2022
Higher education application numbers show sharp decline 18 July 2022
MPs maintain push for action over ‘questionable’ research 14 May 2022
EU fellowship successes confirm Denmark’s research standing 30 April 2022
Parliament stops grant for students in Russia and Belarus 23 April 2022
Proposed reforms for postgraduate studies under scrutiny 12 April 2022
Students say some proposed cuts weaken the welfare model 4 February 2022
Economic reforms offer ‘good news’ to higher education 27 January 2022
Minister rejects switching from student grants to loans 26 January 2022
Relocation of study places to hit humanities hardest 18 January 2022
More international students needed to plug expertise gap 13 January 2022
Fears raised over embassy staff teaching at universities 4 November 2021
Unions voice opposition to humanities cuts at Copenhagen 28 October 2021