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False Indigeneity claims: Who are the enablers in academia? 25 March 2023
University head steps back amid Indigenous claims scrutiny 17 March 2023
Students without housing need support – Advocacy group 11 March 2023
Time to revoke: When honorary degrees bring dishonour 11 March 2023
Facing facts: ChatGPT can be a tool for critical thinking 24 February 2023
Sexual violence in HE: Quebec to spend CA$54 million 15 February 2023
Universities brace for a return of students from China 14 February 2023
Visa delays could thwart another global Montreal conference 12 February 2023
University leader who defied Alberta government is fired 4 February 2023
What kind of society do we want our universities to serve? 4 February 2023
Minister moves to ‘strengthen’ free speech on campuses 3 February 2023
Ottawa urged to ban joint research with Chinese military 3 February 2023
Scholars share African perspective in literacy conversation 2 February 2023
More universities review honours for ‘Indigenous’ academic 20 January 2023
Antisemitism in universities: When an apology is not enough 14 January 2023
Academic’s departure spotlights indigenous identity fraud 30 December 2022
Plan to set up innovative Indigenous university centre 17 December 2022
Who will argue for truth in a top-down governance model? 17 December 2022
In new programme, university seeks more diverse faculty 10 December 2022
Some Nova Scotia universities to continue masking next year 3 December 2022
University apologises for barring media from filming speech 3 December 2022
Government reduces its university staff relocation demands 2 December 2022
Calls for law to save universities from Laurentian’s fate 25 November 2022
Decline in Chinese student mobility: It’s only temporary 12 November 2022
New university report tackles Indigenous identity fraud 5 November 2022