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104-year-old women’s university announces full merger 24 September 2023
Affordable housing: A crisis (still) in need of a response 18 September 2023
Education export: an industry in dire need of a babysitter 9 September 2023
Ontario universities remove course details from websites 1 September 2023
Canadian university in Cairo puts a hold on new students 30 August 2023
Quebec universities oppose suggestion to cap student visas 25 August 2023
HE has role in solving Ontario’s housing crisis – Report 18 August 2023
HE institutions partner to help grow Indigenous economy 5 August 2023
After stabbings, students call for better security measures 22 July 2023
Researchers use US$40.5m grant to study Alzheimer’s risk 15 July 2023
University of Waterloo students uneasy since three stabbed 15 July 2023
Ontario government slams door on French college in north 11 July 2023
Police say stabbings in gender class were motivated by hate 1 July 2023
Is racism behind denial of visas to African students? 30 June 2023
Syrian activist, researcher flagged as a security threat 28 June 2023
Rising Ontario school grades are affecting university entry 24 June 2023
University waives tuition for local First Nation students 24 June 2023
New student housing model offers lifeline to rental market 23 June 2023
Indian students avoid deportation from Canada … for now 16 June 2023
700 Indian students in universities face uncertain future 10 June 2023
Ukrainians sheltering in Canada hit hard by tuition fees 1 June 2023
Canadian universities get the nod to set up campuses in India 12 May 2023
US$1bn to be invested in university sustainability research 10 May 2023
Research theft: The tough job of safeguarding universities 6 May 2023
Getting to net zero, one community at a time 6 May 2023