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Students outraged after age becomes scholarship criterion 20 November 2023
Universities have frontline role to play in food production 9 November 2023
Calls on universities and academics to lead climate fight 16 October 2023
Law students banned from sitting for bar examination 21 September 2023
Ministry opens door to renewable energy training in region 7 September 2023
A sense of urgency needed to develop housing infrastructure 24 August 2023
PhD admission ban: Academics call for better infrastructure 10 August 2023
Minister suspends PhD admissions in all state universities 24 July 2023
Bill passed to recognise English and French HE sub-systems 19 June 2023
Government probe after student’s alleged torture and death 2 June 2023
Women’s innovative technology projects advance digital drive 30 March 2023
University students bear the brunt of surging food prices 20 February 2023
Government focuses on entrepreneurship to counter joblessness 16 February 2023
How climate change is affecting life on a campus in Yaoundé 2 February 2023
How can the quality of universities be enhanced in 2023? 12 January 2023
President injects last of promised 2,000 lecturers into HE 1 December 2022
All students must learn about inclusive education – Activist 17 November 2022
Innovation drive, network connectivity are yielding results 10 November 2022
Security threats a concern as new academic year begins 6 October 2022
Student helps education sector to embrace digital technology 15 September 2022
University serves communities through health campaign 25 August 2022
Fighting rising unemployment: The technology start-up bailout 18 August 2022
University campuses become battleground in growing conflict 14 July 2022
Students, lecturers may boycott National Day due to conflict 19 May 2022
New partnership to speed up entrepreneurship, job creation 21 April 2022