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English set to replace French at Algerian universities 8 July 2023
Great Museum of Africa an authentic hub for creativity, innovation 29 June 2023
PhD and masters graduates protest and demand university jobs 21 June 2023
Student startups approved to boost the national economy 16 March 2023
Students lead revolutionary invention in solar energy 15 December 2022
Five-star plan to support students to commercialise research 6 October 2022
Algerian teachers agree: The university is in danger 22 September 2022
A normal start to the new university year – after all 8 September 2022
Elite nanotechnologies school to open in Algeria in 2023 4 August 2022
Prison sentences for fraudsters who swindled students 23 June 2022
Language and jobs are key issues in education debate 26 March 2022
At last, scientific research receives its due attention 17 March 2022
Algerian student dies as fighting in Ukraine continues 2 March 2022
Universities, cultural spaces shut down as COVID surges 27 January 2022
Remote learning hampers students from low-income homes 9 December 2021
Low vaccination takeup rate in the university community 17 November 2021
Medical schools start final phase of curriculum reform 2 October 2021
Thousands of doctorate holders remain unemployed 30 September 2021
Universities scramble to vaccinate staff, students 18 September 2021
Mandatory vaccination splits the university community 2 September 2021
Remote learning to continue in the new university year 19 August 2021
Free education is like selling your soul 10 June 2021
Trend of the time? Lecturers are venturing into politics 6 May 2021
Two institutions approved to boost mathematics 29 April 2021
Researchers aim to fight the Sahara with the sisal plant 25 March 2021