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Amid high expectations, Lula’s HE recovery plan is underway 21 October 2023
Congress extends affirmative action system in universities 30 August 2023
Pendants reveal humans in South America 25,000 years ago 15 July 2023
‘Israeli Universities Festival’ axed after public protest 7 April 2023
Researchers find ‘terrifying’ plastic rocks on remote isle 17 March 2023
Universities are building bridges in form of online course 17 February 2023
Cautious optimism in universities greets new president Lula 8 January 2023
Students strike against Bolsonaro’s budget cuts 28 October 2022
Bolsonaro cuts universities’ scientific research funding 15 October 2022
As election heads to run-off, HE stagnates in survival mode 4 October 2022
Bolsonaro’s legacy for science, health and the environment 29 September 2022
Will COVID-19 result in a new dynamic for higher education? 19 February 2022
Court authorises universities to demand vaccination proof 8 January 2022
3.5 million students drop out of private universities 8 January 2022
A monumental response to Bolsonaro’s attack on Freire 30 November 2021
Pandemic turnout down 44% at university entrance exams 27 November 2021
21 scientists snub medals in row with Bolsonaro 13 November 2021
‘New’ universities to open in centrist party strongholds 31 October 2021
Governor allocates more to state’s universities than expected 23 October 2021
Black women now the largest group in public universities 13 August 2021
Rise in threats to university autonomy, academic freedom 14 November 2020
COVID-19 is a wake-up call for Brazil’s universities 25 July 2020
Universities have a vital role in fighting coronavirus 30 May 2020
International virtual education needs greater support 23 May 2020
Pick of a creationist to lead HE agency rattles scientists 31 January 2020