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Open science drive gets buy-in from university leaders 23 March 2023
Students’ low condom use continues to drive HIV infections 8 December 2022
Region’s MPs worry about ‘quack’ private institutions 17 November 2022
New observatory an asset for mitigating climate change 3 November 2022
Some universities are still not engaging with communities 13 October 2022
Harmonised higher education could be a game changer 1 September 2022
Millions to go towards six agriculture research centres 4 August 2022
Universities in Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda join forces 22 July 2022
Flagship TVET project: A few sparks can light a prairie fire 9 June 2022
African Centres of Excellence want to secure their longevity 9 June 2022
Collaboration to boost research and training in East Africa 27 January 2022
HE, industry and students win through sandwich programmes 27 January 2022
New matchmaking platform could help to close the skills gap 18 November 2021
Countries take steps towards harmonised TVET qualifications 11 October 2021
Putting teachers at the centre of HE transformation 30 September 2021
The case for competency-based university curriculums 2 September 2021
Competency-based curriculum: Universities lagging behind 26 August 2021
Vice-chancellors, policy-makers agree to reshape HE 7 August 2021
Medical graduates ‘lack knowledge on antibiotics’ 3 June 2021
Student leaders decry persecution of activists 29 May 2021
HE crucial to match student volunteers with communities 26 January 2021
Science excellence awards for research and teaching launched 25 January 2021
Digital tool set to enhance students’ chances for jobs 21 January 2021
Inter-University Council for East Africa looks beyond 50 years 10 December 2020
Universities urged to be flexible in meeting student needs 1 October 2020