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Arab, Chinese universities to partner under new consortium 22 September 2023
Sustainability: A vital role for Arab League universities 18 September 2023
New DAAD programme supports HE reform in the MENA region 6 April 2023
How can our universities help to mitigate disaster risk? 3 March 2023
It is imperative to build open science capabilities in MENA 12 January 2023
Most Arab universities improve in rankings indicators 1 December 2022
Research: Quality, not just quantity, should be improved 27 October 2022
‘No going back’: Digital HE conference explores future 16 September 2022
Study proposes range of measures to improve HE performance 30 August 2022
Higher education investment needed to halt ‘brain drain’ 10 June 2022
Measures proposed to tackle youth unemployment hotspot 8 June 2022
Mobility in MENA – Two steps forward, one step back 26 May 2022
Middle East scholars sign resolution endorsing Israeli boycott 26 March 2022
A ranking system for Arab universities to be developed 20 January 2022
Arab professors despair of poor working conditions 16 October 2021
Survey reveals reasons behind exodus of academic talent 11 July 2021
Saudi Arabia and UAE fuel rising esteem for region’s HE 12 June 2021
Iran leads the way to revive MENA commitment to knowledge 27 May 2021
Calls to protect Arab students in Israeli universities 22 May 2021
Self-censorship in higher education – An untold problem 25 April 2021
Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar improve their position 1 April 2021
Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar improve their position 27 March 2021
COVID-19 has exacerbated inequality in higher education 24 October 2020
Educators grapple with how to authenticate online exams 30 May 2020
What will COVID-19 mean for TNE in the Middle East? 30 May 2020