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It’s boom time for biosafety labs: Who is keeping tabs? 25 March 2023
Elite private higher education: a small but notable sector 25 March 2023
Capitalising on COVID: Making research easier to access 25 March 2023
Higher education for sustainability in a post-digital world 25 March 2023
AI and the importance of meaningful humane learning 25 March 2023
Higher education lacks solutions to the challenges of the AI era 25 March 2023
Exploring generative AI and the implications for universities 25 March 2023
Mobility: In search of models that work for the many 22 March 2023
Call to deepen universities’ role in peace and security 20 March 2023
How students and faculty can build their social capital 18 March 2023
The exploitation of female students: Be part of the answer 18 March 2023
Could AI free academics up or increase the pressure to publish? 18 March 2023
Exploring generative AI and the implications for universities 18 March 2023
Academic freedom in decline in 22 countries worldwide 16 March 2023
Attacks on academic freedom signal an erosion of democracy 16 March 2023
National roadmaps can help countries to pursue SDGs 16 March 2023
LDC youth seek better access to education, food security 16 March 2023
Bold new charter aims for balance in North-South partnerships 15 March 2023
The value of sustainability in students’ university choice 11 March 2023
Philanthropic funding can be a risky game for universities 11 March 2023
Digital articulation: a new HE internationalisation model 11 March 2023
Who makes AI? Better popular films for a better gendered world 10 March 2023
China seeks AI ‘catch-up’ by creating its own ChatGPT-like tools 10 March 2023
Exploring generative AI and the implications for universities 10 March 2023
Reimagining: new humans, new society, new higher education 8 March 2023