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SDGs: Study urges universities to see students as resource 17 March 2023
Between sameness and difference: challenges for TNE 11 March 2023
Universities on alert over ChatGPT and other AI-assisted tools 24 February 2023
EU to step up support for ASEAN higher education, research 15 December 2022
Southeast Asia to steer HE harmonisation process alone 10 December 2022
Bridging the gap between research and policy on SDGs 10 December 2022
Takeaways from 2022’s World Higher Education Conference 4 December 2022
Scholars and students often attacked by own authorities 10 November 2022
The importance of reflection for students – and teachers 22 October 2022
Asian capability skilling: No time for polite conversations 8 October 2022
Misaligned realities: Dealing with returnee expectations 1 October 2022
A journal bent on change opens the door to more diversity 24 September 2022
Micro-credentials: An important part of a bigger ecosystem 17 September 2022
Reading for higher-order learning: A matter of new habits 17 September 2022
Science advice: A tool for regional socio-economic benefit 27 August 2022
What fuels students’ ongoing aspirations to study abroad? 27 August 2022
Universities need a wide safety net for foreign students 27 August 2022
Towards a common higher education space in Southeast Asia 11 August 2022
New roadmap brings common higher education space into view 2 August 2022
Bridging the science-policy gap means gains for everyone 11 July 2022
Asian higher education changes: Perspectives from within 5 July 2022
Students begin return to China as COVID restrictions ease 1 July 2022
Bridging the science-policy gap means gains for everyone 17 June 2022
Students cannot underestimate their power to tackle SDGs 11 June 2022
Universities in Japan and Taiwan open doors to Ukrainians 10 June 2022