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Quality assurance must go beyond bureaucratic compliance 28 January 2023
A more conscientious population? Higher education can help 20 August 2022
New study reveals COVID’s impact on region’s universities 25 May 2022
LatAm universities ‘ready to compete’ for foreign students 9 May 2022
The need to incentivise quality assurance in Latin America 19 February 2022
Research growth high but regional collaboration very low 1 October 2021
Philanthropy: Latin American universities deserve more 18 September 2021
Why community engagement must increase after COVID-19 26 June 2021
Region still hampered by lack of high impact citations 12 June 2021
Latin America struggles to match research improvements 27 March 2021
Why Latin America hasn’t got world-class universities 20 March 2021
Why Latin America needs world-class universities 6 March 2021
The pandemic is hindering access and retention in HE 21 November 2020
Castells, Calderon also raise questions about Africa’s education 22 October 2020
Universities need government support to survive COVID-19 4 July 2020
The stark COVID-19 challenges HE faces in Latin America 20 June 2020
Universities have a critical role to play in this crisis 3 April 2020
North vs South – Are open access models in conflict? 5 October 2019
New convention will address poor intra-regional mobility 28 September 2019
Latin American universities pioneer social engagement 11 May 2019
Universities and the year of the feminist uprising 15 March 2019
How Latin American universities can be drivers of change 16 November 2018
Could Latin American universities do better in rankings? 7 September 2018
Women are increasingly challenging campus machismo 13 July 2018
Three Spanish-speaking countries offering crypto courses 13 July 2018