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Leaders must transform universities into healthy workspaces 30 March 2023
COREVIP to unravel knowledge dissemination barriers 28 March 2023
Project is advancing HE network connectivity on continent 23 March 2023
The arduous journey to establish a successful journal 23 March 2023
Programme aims to train a pipeline of ocean scientists 23 March 2023
Do universities in the Sub-Sahara serve the public good? 23 March 2023
Are political science departments failing to aid democracy? 23 March 2023
Lack of Africa-specific datasets challenge AI in education 18 March 2023
Africa should take maths more seriously, say researchers 16 March 2023
LDC youth seek better access to education, food security 16 March 2023
Professor Mouhamed Fall wants mathematics to benefit humanity 16 March 2023
Well-maintained digital repositories can bolster research 16 March 2023
Bold new charter aims for balance in North-South partnerships 15 March 2023
Wanted: A mutually beneficial STI cooperation agenda 14 March 2023
Tackling the Global North’s bibliometric coloniality 11 March 2023
Online learning has taken root. Now, let’s turn to quality 9 March 2023
Campuses in Africa ‘re-centred’ as terrains of struggle 9 March 2023
Academic discourse must have practical community impact 9 March 2023
Ministers hear Africa has made limited progress towards SDGs 9 March 2023
Addressing gender disparities in scientific publication 8 March 2023
Racial violence is driving black Sub-Saharan students home 8 March 2023
Student mobility from Sub-Saharan Africa could double by 2050 2 March 2023
UNESCO-AU report places equity at the centre of policy 2 March 2023
Initiative promises stronger open-science ecosystem in Africa 2 March 2023
Extreme heat is taking its toll on students and institutions 2 March 2023