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Zimbabweans eye Zambia for quality, affordable study options 19 September 2023
HIV/AIDS researchers help to drive positive societal change 31 August 2023
Deportation as a tool to stifle academic freedom 25 August 2023
Economic decline can hamper ambitious student housing plans 24 August 2023
Huge projects under way to alleviate student housing shortage 24 August 2023
Government deports outspoken academic ahead of elections 23 August 2023
Young woman’s passion for technology, environment pays off 17 August 2023
Student organisations support rival presidential candidates 8 August 2023
To return home or not: A sticky question for some students 3 August 2023
Protesting university students get bail after two months 22 July 2023
Next presidential students’ cohort ready to go abroad 29 June 2023
Students who ‘cause trouble for the state’ to face trial 12 June 2023
University workers say minister is trying to ‘loot’ pension 17 May 2023
Some campuses more accepting of LGBTI student organisations 4 May 2023
Lecturers sent for work-based experience to teach better 3 May 2023
Red tape, tepid political will hamper starting private HEIs 27 April 2023
Power and water cuts leave students and staff stranded 24 April 2023
Women’s higher education remains a priority, says academic 30 March 2023
Academics urged to contribute towards industrialisation 17 March 2023
Is the modular HE learning system a friend or a foe? 9 March 2023
Minister summoned to parliament over university salaries 4 March 2023
Protesting students succeed in overturning a 100% fee hike 2 March 2023
Minister berates professors for failing to publish books 17 February 2023
Desperate shortage of places at medical schools reported 9 February 2023
Church to set up multi-campus university in Matabeleland 7 February 2023